Merv Wright Productions
Professional Videography and Photography

Product Pricing


General Digital Still Photography and Videography

We charge a fair market price for our products but please talk to us freely about costs.  We want you to feel that you are getting high quality and top value. We charge on a package basis for digital still photography and videography depending on location and size of the event.  Products such as mats and frames are extra.  We do not charge travel fees.

Weddings - Digital Still Photography

We charge on a package basis for shooting and editing wedding photography starting between $899 and $1,099 depending on the size of the event.  Please let us know what your needs are and we will be happy to provide a free estimate.

Weddings - High Definition Videography

We also charge on a package basis for wedding  videography.  Starting at $1050, the video package includes eight hours of on-site filming (or to completion of the event), submitted on a USB Thumb Drive with digital editing including titles, music, and graphics.  We send you the final product within  45 days.  This package includes about 6 mini-interviews conducted amongst guests during the reception.  These interviews usually are congratulatory statements, recollections, or well-wishes.  They provide a record of who celebrated with you on your special day.


If you have a friend that needs our services, please refer them.  You will receive a 10% credit for any contracted service.

A discount is offered to families of Hmong ancestry.

Ngati  mu chokera ku Malawi, tikoza ku jambula inu ndi nthengu wabwino.  Mu funsa za zimenezi pamene tionana.